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Inlaks Solar Energy Academy, I-SEA is an African premier provider of solar training for installers, designers, sales people and electrical professionals.

Our Solar Energy Academy courses are designed to guide you as you prepare for a career in solar energy from theory and science behind photovoltaic through the advanced skills needed to safely and effectively design, size and install a full solar PV array. In addition to traditional live classroom and site courses, we lecture in seminars and workshops across Africa.

Is Solar Energy Training Right for You?
Solar Installers determine the design of the array and perform the installation. The solar industry has nearly doubled in size every year for the past five years and this trend is expected to continue.
Inlaks Solar Energy Academy, I-SEA offers solar training designed to meet your specific needs. You can choose to learn the skills needed to work in the field or becomes a sales-oriented professional.
How to Become a Solar Installer
The process to become a solar installer mostly depends on your passion and interest in the photovoltaic technology. Becoming a solar installer professional does not depend on your field of study however,
Inlaks Solar Energy Academy, I-SEA awards nationally-recognized certifications (Certificate of Achievements and Certificate of Attendance based on performance in the Inlaks Solar Energy Examination) which can help give you an edge in the knowledge of PV technology wherever you are located across the globe.
Why Get Certified?
The Inlaks Solar Energy Academy, I-SEA Certification is a higher level certification that shows you have a significant level of experience, as well as in-depth knowledge and training in solar system design and installation, solar system technical sales and project management respectively. This is not required when looking for employment, but rather the wealth of knowledge gained from these training and certifications will help you remain relevant in the solar industries.

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The Inlaks Energy Solar Professionals Certificate Program is a selective admissions program to help ensure the success of our students and provide a quality workforce for the solar industry.

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We require a certificate program application to be completed by every student candidate.


Multiple Certificates can be earned by adding courses to your original Certificate Path.

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I really enjoyed this class. Working at my own pace has been great for me. The study guides were helpful to give me an idea of portions I may not have fully grasped before taking the graded quizzes.

The course was really great, the staff was very responsive and eager to help me make the most of the course.

I think it's a very good class. It is comprehensive and goes to the best of what is real world in the PV systems.

The training is perfect, and the fact that I can do it at my own pace make it worth investing in.

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